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How to Get Silk Browser on Android TV

by Natalie
Silk Browser Android TV

Surfing the internet is one of the essential things in our life. It is so important that streaming devices and Smart TVs have a built-in web browser. But, on Android TV, there is no built-in web browser available. You must manually install web browsers on Android TV from the Play Store. We all know that the Silk browser is the preinstalled browser for Fire TV devices. If you want to install the Silk browser on your Android TV, you have to sideload it using the Downloader app.

As the Silk browser is developed for streaming devices, you can navigate between the browser on your Android TV easily. The best thing about the Silk browser is the multi-lingual support. It includes English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and French.

Silk Browser on Android TV

Amazon Silk Browser isn’t natively available on Android TV. In this scenario, you need to sideload the browser on your TV using Downloader or ES File Explorer. 

Silk Browser on Android TV

Supported Android TV

  • Sony Smart TV
  • Sharp Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • JVC Smart TV
  • Skyworth Smart TV

Supported Android TV Box

  • AirTV
  • AT&T TV
  • Epson
  • Mi Box and Mi Box S

How to Sideload Silk Browser on Android TV

1. Turn on your Android TV and launch Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

2. Click on the Search icon and type Downloader in the search bar.

3. Select the Downloader app icon from the app suggestions.

4. Click on the Install button to get the Downloader app on Android TV.

5. Now, open the Settings menu on your Android TV.

6. Tap the Device Preferences feature.

Device Preferences option

7. Next, click on the Security & Restrictions option.

Security & restrictions option

8. Click on the Unknown Sources option.

9. Select the Downloader app and turn on the Unknown Sources toggle.

Downloader toggle

10. Launch the Downloader app on your Android TV.

11. Click on the Allow option when prompted.

12. Download the AFTVnews Plugin using the URL (browser.aftvnews.com)

13. Type in the Amazon Silk Android TV APK URL in the search bar.

Silk Browser Android TV APK

14. Click on the Go option and then download the APK file for the Amazon Silk browser.

15. Tap the Install button to install the Silk browser on your Android TV.

16. Launch the Amazon Silk browser and surf the internet.

Other Supported Devices

  • Kindle Fire
  • Fire Phone
  • Fire TV
  • Echo Showtall button to install the Silk browse
  • Android phone

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What search engine does Silk browser use?

By default, Bing is the search engine for Silk Browser. But you can change it in the browser settings.

2. How do I view Silk browser history on my TV?

Swipe from the left and choose History to see your search history on your TV.

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