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Android TV vs webOS – Which is the Best One?

by Natalie
Android TV vs webOS

Are you confused about picking the best Smart TV for your living room? Nowadays, there are many Smart TVs available on the market. Among them, Android TVs and LG Smart TVs are very popular worldwide. They are different from each other, and both have a lot of attractive features. Android TVs run on Android-based OS, while the LG TVs run on webOS. Read the article completely to pick the best one between Android TV and webOS.

What is Android TV

They are Smart TVs running on Android-based tvOS. It was developed by Google and is widely available on many Android TV models. It includes Sony, Hisense, Panasonic, TCL, and more. You can also find this OS on a lot of streaming devices. Like Android smartphones and tablets, it has a Play Store to install various apps and games to fulfill your streaming needs. Apart from that, you can also sideload apps from unofficial sources by slightly changing the TV settings.

Android TV vs webOS

What is webOS

webOS is a Linux-based operating system and is only available on LG Smart TVs. It has a dedicated LG Content Store to install apps and access popular media content. Unlike Android TV, webOS doesn’t support installing apps from an unofficial source.

Android TV vs webOS

Android TV vs webOS: Interface

The interface on both Android TV and WebOS are different from each other. It is just as easy to use WebOS as it is to use an Android TV. The Android TV has a home screen that focuses on apps that you have installed. It has a row of apps followed by the content you would like to watch on your device.

Android TV vs webOS

At the same time, WebOS has a simple interface that anyone can use. You can easily access your apps, settings, and other features from the home screen. In addition, it has a dispatch bar that you can adjust to your need. However, the Android TV OS might be more easy-to-use for anyone who uses Android-based phones.

Android TV vs webOS

Android TV vs webOS: Remote Controls

Both Android TV as well as webOS devices come with remote controls. The Android TV has a simple-user friendly remote to control your device. On the other hand, LG Smart TVs come with a Magic Remote. This remote has point-and-click features which feel like a mouse on your Mac or PC. Furthermore, both the Android TV OS as well as the WebOS remote supports voice control features. In addition, both Android TVs as well as webOS have a remote application on both Android and iOS platforms.

Remotes: LG and Android

Android TV vs webOS: Available apps

Android TVs have more apps waiting in their app store than the webOS. On both Smart TVs, you can find popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube TV, etc. When it comes to browsing, both TVs have a few browsers which you can use for normal web pages. However, the Android TV supports sideloading popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Content Store

Android TV vs webOS – Which is the Best One?

LG Smart TVs are easier to navigate than Android TV. Also, it has a dedicated OS to make the whole experience better. At the same time, Google TV, the rebranded Android TV version, is replacing Android TV on newer devices. If your primary concern is the number of apps, LG Smart TVs have only a limited collection of apps, including all popular apps. At the same time, Android TV has the biggest app collection for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Android TV better than webOS?

If your only concern is the apps, Android TV has a better collection than the webOS. So, Android TV might be better than webOS.

What is webOS?

webOS is a Smart TV operating system developed by LG, and it is available on their smart TV models alone.

Is Google TV replacing Android TV?

Yes. Google TV is an upgraded version of Android TV that is soon to replace Android TV on many existing models.

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