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How to Get to Android TV Recovery Mode

by Natalie
Android TV Recovery Mode

Android TV has a large collection of apps and games. But, most Android TVs come with small internal storage. Because of the small internal space, installing too many apps will lead to insufficient storage and affects your TV’s performance. But if you have already installed a lot of apps, it will be quite a hassle for you to remove them one by one. With the help of Recovery mode, you can update your firmware, thereby improving the functionality, get access to new features of your device, and a lot more. Now let us see how to use recovery mode to factory reset and update firmware on Android TV.

Ways to Get to Android TV Recovery Mode

There are different ways that you can use to get to the recovery mode and they are:

  • Using the Remote
  • Using Android TV Box

Using the Remote

1. Make sure that your Android TV is turned on and unplug the power cable from the power source.

2. Press the Home and back buttons at the same time.

Press the Home and back button

3. Plug the power cable back into the power source.

4. Your Android TV will start to boot up and keep pressing the buttons.

5. When you see the Recovery mode appearing on the screen, release the buttons.

Using the Android TV Box

1. On your Android TV box, identify the Reset button and Power button/plug.

2. Power on your device, press and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds.

Hold the Reset button

3. The Android TV logo will appear and it will automatically boot into the Recovery mode.

How to Factory Reset Android TV in Recovery Mode

1. Go to Recovery Mode and select Wipe data/factory reset.

Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

2. You will receive a warning saying, “Wipe all user data? This can not be undone !” Select Yes.

Select Yes

3. Now, your Android TV will begin to reset.

4. Once the reset is over, select Reboot system now. Sometimes it will take a while to reboot your Android TV.

Select Reboot System Now - Android TV Recovery Mode

5. The system will reboot and you will be directly taken over to the Android TV setup page.

You can follow the same steps to get the recovery mode on any smart TV like Philips, Sony, TCL, Hisense, Toshiba, and more.

How to Update Android TV Box in Recovery Mode

1. Open the browser on your PC and enter your Android TV Box name along with the model number and also add Firmware at the end. For instance, search for Tanix TX28 Firmware.

2. From the search results, choose the official website.

3. Download the Firmware Zip file on your PC.

4. Connect an SD card or flash drive to your PC and copy the zip file on it.

5. Insert the SD card or flash drive into your Android TV box.

6. Go to the Recovery Mode and click on Apply update from SD card.

Select Apply Update from SD card - Android TV Recovery Mode

7. Select the Firmware file and your Android TV box will flash the new Firmware.

Select the Firmware file

8. It will show the results on the screen. Whether the flashing of the Firmware was a success or was it aborted due to an error.

Shows the results - Android TV Recovery Mode

9. Click on the Reboot system now to reboot your device.

If your Android TV or Android TV Box is struck on the Recovery Mode screen or the recovery mode is not working on your TV, unplug your TV from the power source and keep it idle for 30 mins. Then, turn it on to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Android TV Recovery Mode?

The recovery mode on your TV is a setting where you can gain access to some of the core functions of your device like factory reset, clear cache, restart TV, and more.

2. How do I put my TCL TV into recovery mode?

On your TCL TV, find the Reset button on the backside. Get a paperclip and hold the Reset button for 20 seconds to get into recovery mode.

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